What Was the Agreement Made in the Fort Laramie Treaty Quizlet

The Fort Laramie Treaty was an important agreement made between the United States Government and several Native American tribes in 1851. It was signed in Fort Laramie, Wyoming, which was an important trading post and center of activity at the time.

The purpose of the Fort Laramie Treaty was to establish peace and stability between the US Government and the Native American tribes in the region. The treaty recognized the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Native American tribes, and promised to protect their lands from encroachment by white settlers.

The treaty also established a system of trade between the US Government and the Native American tribes, with the government agreeing to provide goods and supplies in exchange for safe passage for settlers and traders through Native American lands.

One important provision of the Fort Laramie Treaty was the establishment of a reservation system for the Native American tribes. The US Government agreed to set aside designated areas of land for the tribes to live on, and to provide them with supplies and resources to help them maintain their way of life.

However, the treaty was not without its flaws and controversies. Some tribes were left out of the agreement entirely, and others were forced to give up large portions of their land in exchange for relatively small benefits.

Over time, the provisions of the Fort Laramie Treaty were largely ignored or violated by the US Government. The reservation system was gradually dismantled, and Native American tribes were forcibly removed from their lands and relocated to other parts of the country.

Today, the Fort Laramie Treaty remains a significant document in the history of the United States and Native American relations. It serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting the rights and sovereignty of indigenous peoples, and the tragic consequences that can arise when those rights are ignored or violated.

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